USDA Eligibility Map

Property Search

Enter your desired property address in the search box below to see if it's eligible for a USDA Loan.
If your address falls in the RED area it is NOT eligible.

We designed a USDA property eligibility map tool that gives you the capability to look up any property address and see if it is in a USDA eligible area. This tool is easy to use and here are the instructions.

How to use tool:
  1. Go to the search box directly above the map
  2. Type in the full property address of your desired property or a general area you want to live in
  3. When typing the address it may auto insert the city and State, make sure they are correct
  4. Select the property address that you desire in the drop down menu
Reading results:
  • The Map will zoom in and you will see a red pin, this signifies your selected address
  • The red pin will either be in a USDA eligible or ineligible area
  • White areas are eligible for USDA loans

If the property is a new construction it may not show up at all because it doesn’t exist yet on the map.

If you are having issues working the map, please feel free to call us or complete the online form and a USDA specialist will assist you.

To read more about the type of properties that are eligible for a USDA loan click here.