USDA Loans in Texas

By far the largest of the continental states, Texas covers more than 268,500 square miles with a varied geography with grassy plains in the upper panhandle to arid desert lands in the western regions to the soaring pines in the east and the Gulf and Coastal Plains. Texas shares borders with Oklahoma to the north, Arkansas on the far northeast and Louisiana on the southeastern side of the state. The Rio Grande and Mexico are along the southern border. Texas joined the Union in 1845 and is one of the few states to be its own republic prior to joining the United States.

The median home value across this vast state is $139,200 but just as the geography is varied so too are median home values. In Dallas and Houston for example, the median home values in Houston and Dallas are $213,000 and $309,000 respectively. However, USDA loans in Texas are popular in the areas surrounding some of these larger metropolitan zones. USDA loans are popular in Bexar county, just outside of San Antonio. Outside of the Houston area, nearby counties Fort Bend, Galveston and Waller counties where homes are financed with the USDA loan program. Up north near the Fort Worth and Dallas complex, USDA loans are common in Wise, Collin and Ellis counties as well.

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