USDA Loan vs FHA Loan

USDA vs FHA Mortgages

There are three government-backed mortgage loan programs available in today’s financing market. VA loans, FHA and USDA. For those veterans and qualified active duty personnel who are VA loan eligible, that program is hard to beat. But the remaining two, FHA and USDA loans, they’re still very attractive options. If you’re considering either an FHA or USDA loan, let’s take […] Read more »

USDA Loan & FHA Loan Streamline Refinance Program Comparison

Comparing the USDA and FHA Streamline Refinance Program

Both the USDA and FHA mortgage programs have a “streamline” refinance feature. As the name implies, the streamline requires much less documentation from the borrower, especially when compared to the amount of paperwork needed to approve the initial loan. When applying for a new USDA or an FHA loan, you can expect to provide at minimum: Completed loan application Most […] Read more »

USDA Streamline Refinancing Loan

USDA Streamline Refinancing

The USDA home loan program allows borrowers to refinance their existing USDA loan. Typically this is done when current mortgage rates are lower than the rate on the existing note. Borrowers can lower their monthly payments refinancing to a lower rate yet with the USDA program there are really three versions of the USDA refinance loan. A standard refinance is […] Read more »

USDA Loans Overview

USDA Loans: The 100% LTV Alternative

Compared to other mortgage programs currently available in today’s market, the USDA home loan is a relatively new entry. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the program isn’t so widely known. Mortgage lenders tend to offer primarily conventional loans underwritten to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac standards in addition to FHA and VA mortgages. Loan officers typically get introduced […] Read more »